by The Tufted Puffins

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This is the debut offering from Cleveland's newest, oldest band consisting of veterans from the eighties NEO punk scene bands Sleazy Jesus and the Splatter Pigs, Zen Luv Assassins, Burning Lesbians, Ten Tons of Hell, as well as others,


released January 8, 2016

Mike Baker - Vocals
Tom Huff - Guitar
Ken Brown - Bass
markymoon - Drums



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The Tufted Puffins Cleveland, Ohio

The Tufted Puffins is a re-emergence of musicians from numerous local bands of note in the volatile 80's and 90's Cleveland / Kent / Akron scene. It is a high energy blending of Garage Punk / Psychedelic rock from guys who remember it rather than imagine it, who were old enough to do the really good stuff and smart enough to stop at some point. ... more

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Track Name: Coulda Been You
Coulda Been You

She had eyes that sparkled like the stars.
Bright in the dark.
They left a mark.
She had lips that beckoned from afar.
Caught in their pull.
So soft and full.

All the signals she was sending
I could feel resistance bending
Breaking on the hope of something more.

She would lead me. I would follow.
She would leave me lost and hollow.
Feeling like a thousand times before.

You know she looked like you.
You know she talked like you.
You know she walked like you.
You know she felt like you.
You know it could’ve been you.
It should’ve been you.
I was never one to settle down
I ran around
I was a clown
Always looking out for something new
I could be cruel
I was a fool

You were always what I wanted
Memories that leave me haunted

All the happy things we used to do

Guess I really need the danger
Always with another stranger

Thinking of the ways she’s just like you

You know she looked like you.
You know she talked like you.
You know she walked like you.
You know she felt like you.
You know it could’ve been you.
It should’ve been you.
Track Name: Diamond In The Rough
Diamond In The Rough

I ain’t got no college education.
I can understand your reservation.
I am not the kind of man you’re used to.
You think I might hurt you and abuse you.

Don’t believe the image that I have of being wild and acting tough.
Underneath I’m special baby. Treat me like a diamond in the rough.

Girl, Don’t waste your time looking for perfection.
Maybe I’m your natural selection.
No I wasn’t born in a goddam manger.
Maybe I’m just here to give you danger.

All the other guys will buy you things and treat you kind and it ain’t enough.
Maybe you need it harder baby. I’m your diamond in the rough.

Baby all your money and your breeding.
Won’t give you the kind of love you’re needing.
And all them little boys from the upper crust
Won’t know what to do when you need mussed.

So tell your little Fauntleroys to pack it up cause they just ain’t got the stuff.
Believe me when I tell you baby. I’m your diamond in the rough.
Track Name: In America
In America

I saw a princess on t.v. last night
She was very clean. Her shoes were white.
She spoke about how lovely life can be.
And then she laughed at me. On my t.v.!
I’d like to put your pretty face right through a window!

Let’s just see how far you’d go
Without your little button nose
And all your chic designer clothes
Here in America

We drink a lot to pass the time
We drink alone and we stay quiet
Old men with pickled noses nod away
They’ve nothing more to say
It’d be so easy just to pass them off as furniture

But if you looked inside their brains
There’d be so much you can’t explain
A special misery and pain
Here in America

Sometimes I’d like to get up next to you
To feel your flesh and to smell you too.
A simple kiss or two would never do.
I gotta own you.

Sometimes the ugliness of passion washes over me.
It’s basic hungers that we feed
With all our lustfulness and greed
Cause what you want you seldom need
Here in America
Track Name: It's Up To You
It’s Up To You
Sometimes things go down in early morning
Without a warning
When all the people are asleep
Sometimes things will happen in the daylight
Under the spotlight
On a busy city street
Some say man can see them as he passes
His dirty glasses
Obscures the image from his view
I say we choose blindness over vision
Avoid collision
Elect an easy passing through

All religions
Spout their visions
Seek revisions
Keep them at a loss for what to do.
I guess it’s up to you.

Father John’s in charge of the Cathedral
He shepherds people
Keeps them devout and unaware
Guides them through the times of great upheaval
He battles evil
With all his trinkets and his prayers
Catherine followed everything they told her
A Christian soldier
She spread the word to foreign lands
She questioned all the violence and starvation
Their explanation
It’s part of God’s all-knowing plan

Mass Confusion
Thought Pollution
The Illusion
Keeps them from accepting what is true.
I guess it’s up to you.